About Me

Who İs Candan Mezili?

I graduated from Ankara University Medical School in 2005. The same year, i began to attend to six-year Plastic Surgery specialty training in İzmir at Ege University Medical School, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. I had a very busy 6 years training and during these years i had the opportunity to assist many surgeries with my senior authors. In 2011, I completed my specialty training. After that, i worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon for many hospitals such as Kars Government Hospital (2011-2013), Kocaeli Darıca Farabi Government Hospital (2014). I’ve done a lot of surgeries, which helped to improve myself. Afterwards in accordance with my personal characteristics and willing to finding a wider workspace, i began to work in Special Hospitals (Ankara Kudret International Special Hospital and Ankara Keçiören Special Hospital (2014-2015). Between 2015-2018 I worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Bodrum Acıbadem Special Hospital, which is biggest hospital group of Turkey. While working in Bodrum Acıbadem Special Hospital I had the opportunity operated both national and international patients. Dr. Candan Mezili is now working in private practice in his own office.

My Business Approach

I always try to approach with empathy to my patients. To be positive, trust worthy, industrious, to give importance to details and patients satisfaction: These are always my priorities in my work.
Although people usually estimate Plastic Surgery as a collection of magical practices that make everything possible, it is actually a surgical medical discipline. I am also interested in plastic arts so that i can easily say that operating on a living organism that reacts to us is far more different and more difficult than working with an inanimate object. So when I organize the operation planning, I try to be in close contact with my patients and try to understand their expectations properly. In doing so, I give high level of importance to keep the safety of my patients. I think that the most basic components to achieve successful results in plastic surgery is a good surgical operation, good communication with my patients and trust. I’m still working at in the direction of these mottos.
I am a member of The Turkish Plastic,Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association and The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association. I follow closely, national and international congresses, courses and seminars and innovations.

about me
My Hobbies

I am interested in sculpture and photography in my spare time. When i find the time, i try to go skiing.