Arm Lift Surgery Cost & Reviews in İzmir, Turkey

İzmir is one of the cheapest and best city for people who come to Turkey for arm lift surgery.

The cost of arm lift surgery in Izmir, Turkey is about 2.050$ in 1.675£ which is the best option compared to other cities.

Candan Mezili’s Clinic is the one of the most popular clinic for arm lift surgery in Izmir, Turkey. You can find out all details about the arm lift surgery in Izmir, Turkey such as our clinic’s patients reviews, costs, before & after photos for arm lift surgery in izmir.

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What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Treatment Details
OperationArm Lift Surgery Izmir
ProcedureIt is done to correct the drooping of the arm.
Operation Time2 hours
Length of stay in hospital1 night
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Early Recovery Period2-3 days
Back to Work2 weeks
ScarsInner side of the arm, Long
Amount of PainLight

A surgical procedure called an arm lift, also referred to as a brachioplasty, is used to reshape the upper arm by removing extra skin and fat. The purpose of this procedure is to give patients’ arms a toned, youthful appearance. Additionally, it can be used to treat sagging skin brought on by ageing or weight loss. The incision may be made on the inside or back of the arm during the procedure, which is typically performed under general anaesthesia.

How to Perform Arm Lift Surgery?

The surgeon makes an incision on the inside or back of the arm, removes extra skin and fat, and reshapes the upper arm during an arm lift procedure. Under general anaesthesia, the procedure lasts between two and four hours. After surgery, it may result in bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a few weeks. To ensure the best possible recovery, patients should be prepared to adhere to a strict post-operative care protocol.

What are the Risks of Arm Lift Surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, arm lift surgery has some risks, including bleeding, infection, anaesthesia reaction, inadequate wound healing, and obvious scarring. Additionally, the arm could lose its sensation or turn numb. Asymmetry, results that are unsatisfactory, or the requirement for revision surgery are additional risks. Before having the procedure, it’s crucial to go over these risks with a licenced surgeon.

Is Turkey Good for Arm Lift?

Turkey is the best in arm lift surgery as in other health surgeries. You are in the hands of highly qualified doctors. In this way, there will be no setbacks or complications for you.

Expert doctors do their job in the best way. They can do this for you because they have all the knowledge and experience. Arm lift is an operation that requires a lot of attention.

The slightest mistake can cause irreversible consequences. That’s why attention is important. Your best option is Turkey. The best and most experienced doctors, experts and their team are always ready for you.

Why is Turkey the Best Option for Arm Lift Surgery Compared to Abroad?

Arm lift surgery is a procedure that removes extra fat and skin from the body. Turkey is known for having the best arm lift procedures. The process necessary for the surgery demonstrates why Turkey is the best option for arm lift surgery.

Every country train doctors in its own way, these doctors gain certain experiences. Every doctor is famous for his skills. Doctors in Turkey have built their reputation with high success.

This shows how successful they have achieved. Therefore, thanks to Turkish experts, Turkey is the best country for arm lift surgery. This is the reason why we say it is the best option.

 Is it Safe to Have Arm Lift in Turkey?

Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey

People can gain a lot of weight after arm lift surgery, and if they remove this weight, the loose skin will return. In both cases, potential arm laxity will be significantly reduced compared to before arm lift surgery.

Patients who have an arm lift in Turkey to remove loose skin on their arms have a more toned upper arm. Arm lift outcomes can typically be long lasting as long as clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet.

As a result, we can state that such a surgery is risk free. Operations without these are very intense in Turkey so it is very safe to be here.

Types of Arm Lift Surgery In Izmir, Turkey

In the Turkish city of Izmir, brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift surgery, can be carried out in a variety of ways. Standard brachioplasty, the most popular kind, involves an incision along the inside of the upper arm to remove extra skin and fat. Typically, people with moderate to severe sagging or loose skin on their upper arms should consider having this kind of surgery. The mini arm lift is an additional choice; it requires a smaller incision and is best for people with less severe sagging or loose skin. 

In addition, those with excess fat but good skin elasticity may also benefit from a liposuction brachioplasty.

Candidacy and Suitability

Candidates for arm lift surgery should have significant amounts of loose or sagging skin on the upper arms, be in generally good health, and have reasonable expectations for the procedure. The best candidates also have good skin elasticity and are at or near their ideal body weight. The procedure may not be suitable for people who have recently lost a significant amount of weight or are still losing weight. If you want to know if having an arm lift is the best course of action for you, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced plastic surgeon in Izmir, Turkey.

How Many People Get an Arm Lift in Turkey?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the popularity of arm lifts, medically known as brachioplasty, has seen a significant rise. In 2022, the procedure was chosen by 21,429 individuals, marking a notable 23% increase compared to the previous year, when performed 17,422 arm lifts. This surge in arm lifts reflects a growing trend in cosmetic surgeries to enhance arm appearance. The data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons highlights this procedure’s growing appeal among those seeking aesthetic improvements, demonstrating a wider acceptance and demand for such cosmetic interventions.

What is The Success Rate of Arm Lift in Turkey?

The research conducted by PubMed and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal offers a detailed look into the effectiveness and risks of arm lift surgeries (Brachioplasty). Analysis of forty bilateral brachioplasty cases documented by PubMed revealed a complication rate of 25%, with nerve damage being a notable concern in 5% of these cases. Similarly, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported a 22% rate of complications, with about 16% requiring minor additional procedures for better shaping.

Both studies frequently observed minor issues such as cellulitis and fluid accumulation (seroma), indicating these as common yet generally manageable after surgery. It’s important to highlight that patients who previously underwent bariatric surgery are more prone to severe complications, as identified by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. However, the need for surgical intervention post-brachioplasty is relatively rare, suggesting that the surgery is effective when performed by skilled surgeons.

Why is Turkey Cheap for Arm Lift?

Arm lift Turkey costs vary based on the procedure used during the surgery and the patient’s medical condition. In average, arm lift surgery in Turkey costs around half as much as it does in the United Kingdom, the United States, or Europe.

The lower labour expenses in Turkey, the considerably lower value of the currency, and government subsidies to the Turkish medical tourism business all contribute to the lower arm lift surgery cost Turkey.

Low cost arm lift Turkey costs attract more patients than any other European country, implying that Turkish surgeons are often more skilled than their European counterparts.

How Much Does Arm Lift Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

There are many doctors in Izmir who are experts in this field, despite the fact that arm lift costs vary depending on the hospital and doctor. To loosen and remove extra skin on the elbow, women can undergo an arm lift procedure.

The surgery’s objectives include thinning the arm as well as tightening it and enhancing the resulting appearance. Women over the age of 40 typically prefer arm lift surgeries.

Izmir, like many other important cities, is a hub for the medical community. Our doctors, who are authorities in their fields, can provide you with information about arm lift costs in Izmir.

The price of Arm lift in Istanbul is about 2450$. Because the clinics in Istanbul are more expensive compared with Izmir.
Arm lift cost in Antalya starts from 2250$. Antalya is the most popular tourism center in Turkey and naturally, this is reflected in the prices as well.


Do you need drains after arm lift?

Arm lift or brachioplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the arms. The need for drains after arm lift depends on the extent of the procedure. In some cases, surgeons may place drains to help remove excess fluid and prevent complications. However, not all arm lifts require drains. Your surgeon will determine whether or not you need drains based on your individual case.

How long does an arm lift last?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the upper arms, resulting in a more toned and contoured appearance. The results of an arm lift can last for many years, provided that the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. However, the longevity of the results can vary depending on the individual's skin elasticity, age, and overall health.

What are the complications of arm lift?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reshape and tighten the upper arm. Complications may include bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, scarring, and numbness. In rare cases, nerve damage may occur. To reduce risks, it's important to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, and to follow all post-operative instructions carefully.

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