Breast Augmentation Cost & Reviews in İzmir, Turkey

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İzmir is one of the cheapest and best city for people who come to Turkey for breast augmentation.

Candan Mezili’s Clinic is the one of the most popular clinic for breast augmentation Izmir, Turkey.

You can find out all details about the breast augmentation Izmir such as our clinic’s patients reviews, costs, before & after photos for breast augmentation in Izmir, Turkey.

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What is Breast Enlargement?

Treatment Details
OperationBreast Augmentation Surgery Izmir
ProcedureIt is made to enlarge the breast with silicone prostheses.
Operation Time1.5 hours
Length of stay in hospital1 night
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Early Recovery Period2-3 days
Back to Work1 week
ScarsUnder breast, Small
Amount of PainLight/Moderate

The size and shape of a woman’s breasts can have an impact on her confidence. As small, uneven, or unevenly spaced breasts cause problems for women, breast augmentation provides a solution to this problem. The size of the breast can be increased, and the shape can be altered. Breast augmentation is a simple surgical procedure that involves inserting a silicone implant into breast to increase its size, lift, and change its shape. Modern silicone implants have a soft texture that mimics the natural feel of the breast.

The implant is placed next to or in front of the breast muscle through a small wound about 4 cm under the breast in a virtually invisible area. If there is little or no breast tissue, it is placed behind the muscle; otherwise, it is placed in front of the muscle. In terms of implant shape, there are various sizes and shapes available (circular in the form of a teardrop). They also have a manufacturer’s warranty and will not need to be replaced in the future. Even breastfeeding or the sensation of the breast after the operation are unaffected by the fillings.

What is Breast Enlargement Procedure?

Breast implants or fat transfer are used in breast augmentation surgery izmir, Turkey. If you prefer ovarian implant surgery, you can choose from silicone or saline implants that are rounded or influenced, textured or smooth. Furthermore, all of these types of augmentations are available in a variety of sizes. Implants can be inserted through cuts made in various areas. They can be worn beneath or above the muscles.

You’ll meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your breast size, feel, and appearance preferences. The surgeon will go over different types of implants, such as smooth or textured, round or teardrop shaped, saline or silicone, as well as surgical techniques. Examine written information carefully, such as patient information from the maker of the implant you’ll be receiving and make copies for your records.

Silicone implants are typically inserted through a narrow opening in the side or bottom of the breast. It is placed in behind chest tissue or underneath the chest wall muscle compiled for the implant, depending on the size of your chest. The formation and width of something like the chest wall are critical elements in selecting the appropriate breast size while keeping the patient’s needs in mind. The goal is to create natural looking breasts in form and size that are appropriate for the body structure, rather than exaggerated large breasts.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia, and the client can be discharged the same day or the next. Cosmetic procedures can be used for a long time. They never need to be changed unless there is a problem. In the event of an article birth, the mother may breastfeed normally.

Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey


Types of Breast Augmentation In Izmir, Turkey

In Izmir, Turkey, there are numerous breast augmentation procedures available. These include fat transfer breast augmentation, saline implants, and silicone implants. Compared to saline implants, which are filled with a saltwater solution, silicone implants, which are filled with a silicone gel, feel and look more natural. Breast augmentation using fat transfer involves taking the patient’s own fat from another area of the body and using it to enlarge and reshape the breasts. The most suitable procedure will depend on the objectives and requirements of the particular patient. Each type of breast augmentation has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Silicone Implants

In order to improve their breast size and shape, women in Izmir, Turkey frequently opt for silicone implants. The silicone gel used to fill these implants closely resembles the texture of natural breast tissue. Additionally, they are offered in a selection of sizes and shapes, making it simple for patients to locate the ideal fit for their body. Additionally, compared to other breast augmentation techniques, silicone implants have a tendency to look and feel more natural, making them a great choice for women who want to achieve a subtle yet noticeable improvement in their appearance.

Is it Safe to Have Breast Augmentation in Turkey?

Turkey is a well-liked location for breast augmentation surgery because the costs are lower than in other nations. To reduce the risks, it is crucial to do your research and pick a reputable and experienced surgeon and clinic. Additionally, it’s critical to research any additional risks of travelling for surgery as well as the nation’s safety laws and standards.

Why is Turkey Cheap for Breast Augmentation?

candan menzili operation packages

Lower labour and operating costs, as well as a lower cost of living, are the main causes of this. The Turkish government also aids the medical tourism sector by providing tax breaks and other benefits to hospitals and clinics. It is crucial to remember, though, that there are other factors to take into account when selecting a surgeon or clinic for breast augmentation surgery in Turkey.

What is the success rate of Breast Enlargement in Turkey?

Research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that breast augmentation is highly effective, with a 98% satisfaction rate among women who have undergone the procedure. Although the majority are pleased with the size achieved, a minority express a preference for a different size. Complications, including capsular contracture, are reported to occur in 8-19% of cases, according to information from Springer. Attempts to reduce recurrence with the use of acellular dermal matrix have been made, but this can lead to complications such as fluid accumulation and infections. Additionally, MRI studies highlight that silicone implants have a rupture rate ranging from 13% to 17.7%.

How many people get Breast Enlargement in Turkey?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation, commonly referred to as breast enlargement, witnessed a significant number of procedures in 2022, totaling 298,568. This figure represents a 4% increase from the pre-pandemic numbers recorded in 2019. This statistic underscores a growing trend in the cosmetic surgery industry, highlighting a steady rise in the popularity of breast enlargement procedures. The data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons serves as a key indicator of changing preferences and trends in cosmetic surgery, reflecting a broader societal shift towards aesthetic enhancements and personal body modifications.

What is Breast Enlargement Risks?

Breast augmentation in Izmir carries a number of risks, including:

  • Scar tissue which then distorts the breast implant’s shape (capsular contracture)
  • Breast discomfort
  • Infection
  • Nipple but instead breast sensation changes
  • Changes in implant position
  • Implant rupture or leakage

Correcting these complications may necessitate additional surgery to remove or replace the implants.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Izmir, Turkey?

Thousands of women travel to Turkey every year for breast augmentation. This is because of the affordable cost of operations. The health care system in Turkey has been reformed and improved, and plastic surgery is now one of the most popular procedures.

Plastic surgeons in Izmir, Turkey  are among the best in the world. They are trained to use the latest techniques and equipment. Their experience means they can perform the procedure safely and with excellent results. Often, patients are able to return to work after only two months.


Is Turkey good for breast augmentation?

Turkey is a popular destination for breast augmentation due to its affordable prices and skilled surgeons. Many patients travel to Turkey for the procedure, which can be performed with a variety of techniques and materials. However, it is important to do thorough research and choose a reputable clinic to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

What is the best country to get breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure worldwide, and Turkey is among the top destinations for it due to its world-renowned plastic surgeons and advanced medical facilities. The country offers high-quality breast augmentation at affordable prices, with patients from around the world coming to Turkey for this surgery. Turkish clinics and hospitals also offer a range of services, including medical tourism packages that take care of travel, accommodation, and post-operative care.

How long does it take to get implants in Turkey?

The length of time it takes to get breast implants in Turkey depends on various factors such as the patient's health, the extent of the procedure, and the surgeon's schedule. Typically, the surgery itself takes between one and three hours, and patients usually spend a few days in Turkey before returning home. However, the entire process from consultation to recovery can take up to several weeks or even months.

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