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Izmir is one of the cheapest and best city for people who come to Turkey for facelift surgery.

Candan Mezili’s Clinic is the one of the most popular clinic for facelift surgery in Izmir, Turkey. You can find out all details about the facelift surgery Izmir such as our clinic’s patients reviews, costs, before & after photos for facelift surgery in Izmir.

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What is Face Lift?

Treatment Details
OperationFace Lift Surgery Izmir
ProcedureIt is done to correct the sagging of the face and neck.
Operation Time4-7 hours
Length of stay in hospital1 night
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Early Recovery Period7 days
Back to Work2 weeks
ScarsConcealed in the hairline, in and behind the ears
Amount of PainLight

Face lift operations, whose are performed to reverse aging related changes in the facial skin and give the face another more youthful and energetic appearance, can be performed in a variety of ways depending on the patients expectations, the nature of the problem, and also the facial and complexion characteristics. 

The stretching of the carrier fibres under the skin on the face in the deepest planes provided more effective, natural, and long-term results in these surgeries, which were performed in the form of stripping away the excess formed on the skin when it was first applied, and face lift surgery techniques had been developed in this direction.

Facelift operations aim to correct fine lines and depth folds on the facial skin, remove loosening and sagging skin, reveal the jaw line, and provide a youthful, lively, and rested appearance to the face. 

Under the age of 40, successful results can be obtained with neurotoxin and non-invasive skin rejuvenation methods; however, surgical interventions should be planned based on content of the existing situation in order to achieve visually effective results in older ages.

Facelift Types

  • Non Surgical Facelift

There is no non surgical facelift for several years. Anyone that facelift was agreed to anyone that wanted to tighten their face. In manners, this method had not been best.

At the least invasive end of the spectrum is the non surgical facelift. People who select this method are looking for a refreshed look are usually not ready to endure surgery.

  • A Stem Cell Facelift

A different type of non surgical renovation could be the stem cell facial lift. In this procedure, excess fat is extracted from the belly and thighs with stem skin cells. The fat is then inserted into the face.

The extra fat is put only with shots and no slicing or scarring. Stem cell facelifts are a natural way to enhance the appearance of the face.

Bitmap and stem cells we inject, derives from your own body so there really is not a danger of hypersensitive reaction.

  • A Thread Facelift

A feather facelift is also called thread face lift. This procedure uses tiny hooks on the ‘ thread to give support to sagging skin. This procedure is less invasive than a full facelift.

Most patients having a thread lift are able to remain awake during the procedure. We have other minimally invasive methods that can give you better results than traditional facelifts.

There are numerous types of thread lifts obtainable today which might be smart choices intended for those who want to prevent facelift scars or any type of restoration time.

  • Upper Facelift

People who want to improve their forehead, brow and upper eye area are best to undergo an upper facelift. The facelift is made to reduce forehead wrinkles and brow drooping.

As with any facelift, an upper face lift is certainly not designed to reduce fine marks and wrinkles. These concerns can easily be addressed with other treatment options we offer.

  • Complete Facelift

A complete facelift, which combines an upper, mid, and lower facelift, is the most comprehensive. This procedure is best for people who have noticeable aging throughout their face and are looking for significant results.

A combination facelift that includes all areas of the face generally results in significant improvements and a more youthful appearance, so people are sometimes concerned that the work will appear unnatural.

Surgeons, on the other hand, are an expert at performing these enhancements in a natural looking manner. Although our patients appear younger and more refreshed, they do not appear to have had work done.

An excellent facelift is distinguished not only by positive results but also by the fact that no one can tell you’ve had to have a facelift.

How to Do Face Lift?

A facelift, in general, involves lifting the skin and clamping the tissues and muscles. Face and neck fat can be sculpted, removed, or moved. After that, the facial skin is red raped over the newly reshaped contours of the face. Excess skin is cut away, and the scar is stitched but rather taped shut.

The procedure’s incisions are determined by the techniques applied and the person’s preferences. Among the options are:

  • A method for face incision begins in the hairline at your temples. It continues down the back of the neck and around the front of the ears. It terminates in the lower scalp behind the ears.
  • A facelift typically takes 3 to 6 hours to complete. However, if other cosmetic procedures are performed concurrently, it may take longer.

Facelift Surgery Review in Turkey


What Are The Risks of Face Lift?

Face lift surgery can result in complications. Some are treatable with appropriate care, medication, or surgery. Long term or enduring complications are uncommon, but they can cause cosmetic changes. Among the dangers are:

  • Hematoma: The most common complication of a facelift is a blood vessel (hematoma) under the skin. Swelling and pressure are symptoms of a hematoma. Within 24 hours of surgery, it usually forms.
  • Scarring: Face lift incision scars are permanent. They are, however, usually hidden by the hairline and the natural overall shape of the face and ear. Incisions can occasionally result in raised scars. To improve the look of scars, corticosteroid injections or other treatments may be used.
  • Nerve damage: Nerve damage is uncommon. An injury to the brain that controls sensation or muscles is possible. This effect could be either temporary or permanent. Sudden suspension of feeling or inability to move a facial muscle can last from a few months to a year. It may cause an uneven facial structure or expression.
  • Loss of hair: Hair loss near the incision sites may be temporary or permanent. Permanent hair disadvantage can be treated surgically by transplanting skin with hair follicles.

Is it Safe to Have Face Lift in Turkey?

Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey

Candidates seek security and good results at low prices regardless of the type of plastic surgery. Face lifts in Turkey are performed by aesthetic surgeons who have substantial experience.

A face lift operation in Izmir is absolutely safe for anyone who does not have a major underlying ailment, as long as the surgeon understands what he is doing, and the surgery is performed under suitable conditions.

Before the face lift operation in Izmir Turkey, your surgeon takes your medical history, listens to your expectations, and thoroughly describes the procedure. In this way, it will be much easier for you to understand that the procedure is safe.

Types of Facelift Surgery In Izmir, Turkey

Facelift surgery, also referred to as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that tightens and repositions the skin and underlying tissues to improve the appearance of the face. Patients can choose from a number of facelift procedures in Izmir, Turkey.

The most thorough form of facelift surgery is the traditional facelift, also referred to as a full facelift or standard facelift. It addresses volume loss in the face, neck, and jawline as well as wrinkles, sagging skin, and wrinkles. This type of facelift surgery typically involves general anesthesia and has a longer recovery time than other types.

Recovery time and after care for facelift surgery

Anyone thinking about having a facelift should carefully consider the recovery process and postoperative care. Patients should anticipate some swelling, bruising, and discomfort following the procedure; these side effects usually go away in a week or two. To ensure proper healing, it’s crucial to adhere to post-operative instructions that include refraining from strenuous activities and sleeping with your head elevated.

After two to three months, the facelift’s final results will become apparent. In order to ensure proper healing and to address any issues or complications that may develop, it is also crucial to follow up with your surgeon.

Why is Turkey Cheap for Face Lift?

Face lift surgery prices may be prohibitively expensive in many nations; nevertheless, there are several countries that offer economical face lift surgery, one of which is Turkey.

The country, which is also a popular tourist destination, welcomes a huge number of patients for face lift surgery, owing to its surprisingly affordable face lift pricing and thread lift cost, as well as qualified plastic surgeons.

Face lift is unquestionably one of the top plastic operations available in Turkey. The reason why Turkey is cheap is related to the economy. This is related to what we call the exchange rate. It is cheap in Turkey due to the difference in value between currencies.

What is the success rate of Face Lifting in Turkey?

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published a study indicating that the rate of complications in facelift surgeries is approximately 1.8%. This is closely aligned with the 2% complication rate observed in a range of cosmetic surgeries. The most common issues in facelift procedures are hematoma, occurring in 1.1% of cases, and infections, which happen in 0.3% of cases. Interestingly, the research also highlights that the risk of complications increases to 3.7% when facelifts are performed alongside other surgeries, compared to a lower risk of 1.5% for facelifts done on their own. This information points to a trend of lower post-surgery complications in isolated facelifts. Such insights are valuable for both patients and surgeons, particularly when evaluating the safety and efficacy of performing multiple surgical procedures simultaneously in various countries.

How many people get Face Lifting in Turkey?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2022, there were 72,668 face lifting procedures, known as Rhytidectomy, performed. This number represents an 8% increase from the previous year. Face lifting, a cosmetic surgery procedure, is designed to create a more youthful facial appearance. These statistics reflect the growing popularity of this type of plastic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a leading authority in the field, compiles and reports these figures annually, providing insights into trends and changes in cosmetic surgery. This increase indicates a rising interest in cosmetic enhancements, particularly in facial rejuvenation techniques.

How Much Does Face Lift Cost in Izmir, Turkey ?

Given that it is a procedure applied in the form of a facelift with an incision made in the shape of a half moon behind the face and ear, Izmir facelift costs vary depending on the location where the procedure is performed.

Despite the fact that most face lift surgeries involve lifting the entire face, some people only lift a particular area of the face. Avoiding harming the face’s nerves is the most crucial factor to take into account when performing a facelift.

Izmir, like many other important cities, is a hub for the medical community. Izmir is at the top of this list if you want to receive the best care and treatment.

Our doctors, who are authorities in their fields, can assist you if you need information about facelift costs in Izmir.


How long do you stay in hospital after a facelift?

Most facelift surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, which means patients can go home on the same day. However, some patients may need to stay in the hospital or surgical facility for one night. This decision is based on the extent of the surgery, the patient's overall health, and the surgeon's preference. Recovery time of facelift typically takes several weeks.

What is a good age to get a facelift?

The best age to get a facelift varies from person to person and depends on factors such as skin condition and aging signs. Generally, people in their 40s and 50s benefit most from a facelift. However, a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon can help determine the best timing based on individual needs and goals.

How Much Are Face Lift Prices in Izmir, Turkey?

The cost of a facelift in Izmir, Turkey, can vary depending on the extent of the procedure and the surgeon's experience.

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