Morpheus8 is a new micro needling treatment that has been designed to be more effective than other types of micro needling. Morpheus8 promotes re-modelling in dermal adipose tissue.

Morpheus8, created by In Mode Aesthetics, a pioneer in radio frequency technology, is the only device that combines radio frequency with the micro needling technique. Micro needling alone causes a healing response in which collagen proliferation increases.

Collagen boost is just the icing on the cake with Morpheus8. This device causes tissue re-modelling by inserting radio frequency energy approximately 4mm deep into tissue, causing thickening and tightening.

Morpheus8 combines micro needling and radio frequency treatment. It stimulates collagen and re-contours fat by using tiny needles that penetrate up to 4mm into the tissue, allowing radio frequency waves to enter the tiny perforations and penetrate deeper into the tissue than radio frequency alone.

As the body attempts to heal, cell turnover increases, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production in the treated areas. This treatment is popular because it lifts and supports the skin while causing fat to be re-modelled to a more youthful appearance without causing thermal damage.

Finally, you are reorganizing the skin’s building blocks. The skin on the face and body appears plumper, firmer, tighter and smoother. For my patients, we recommend up to three consecutive Morpheus8 treatments for maximum benefit, but some might only require one or two sessions.

How to Make Morpheus8?

We use a local anesthetic to reduce the sensation of the micro needles and radio frequency energy penetration during Morpheus8 treatment. We begin treatment with a small handheld applicator after the topical numbing cream has desensitized the skin.

The applicator’s tip contains several tiny needles that are powered by radio frequency via the device platform. While energy is inserted through the needles, the treating clinician presses the applicator against the skin for a few seconds.

After that, the applicator is removed from the surface and placed on the adjacent area. Rather than moving the pipette across the skin, the motion is like a stamping technique.

Morpheus8 is unlike any other micro needling treatment we’ve encountered. A small needle clad applicator is moved across the skin during a standard micro needling treatment.

Micro needles can be programmed to move vertically as the handpiece passes over the epidermis, stamping the skin. The applicator’s needles penetrate to a depth of about 2mm.

To address a specific concern, a technician may apply a nourishing eye cream such as platelet rich plasma or a vitamin concoction after micro needling.

Morpheus8 stands out immediately because its needles reach a depth of 4mm. This is significant in and of itself because it stimulates change within the skin’s foundational structure.

The adding of radio frequency energy, which gently heats subdermal adipose tissue for the more profound tightening and toning, provides additional benefits.

Treatment Details
OperationMorpheus 8 Izmir
ProcedureIt is a radiofrequency procedure used for skin tightening and cellulite on the face and body.
Operation Time30 minutes
Length of stay in hospitalNo
AnesthesiaEmla Cream
Early Recovery Period1-2 days
Back to Worknext day
Amount of PainLight

Recovery Process After Morpheus8

Morpheus8 results are typically long-lasting, requiring maintenance only every 3-5 years. They are, however, not permanent. It is critical to remember that the aging process in our bodies and skin is ongoing.

Diet, exercise levels, sun exposure, alcohol but rather smoking habits all have an impact on our aging process. We encourage our patients to live a healthy lifestyle in order to contribute to the long term success of their treatment and overall well being.

Downtime varies according to the depth of treatment. You can expect little to no downtime for more superficial skin treatments within 24-48 hours, five days for more intensive facial treatments and up to 1 week for body treatments.

Expect your skin to feel tight end of the treatment, with redness, swelling, minor bruising, and tenderness lasting up to two or three days. Small, dot like marks will appear on the skin where micro needles have penetrated the surface. After one to three days, these will reduce and heal.

What are the Risks of Morpheus8?

The Morpheus8 gold needle rf energy system is a treatment for fractional skin treatments and regeneration restructures the body to reduce wrinkles, slow the aging process, and rejuvenate the skin.

Morpheus8, also known as Gold-needle Radio frequency, differs significantly from other gold-needle RF treatments. A spider web of electrodes is wrapped around 24 specially designed pointed polymer coated titanium needles.

This enables it to deliver more concentrated energy to every point beneath the skin. Skin tightening and regeneration become more effective and painless by delivering RF energy more intensely and deeply, but in a much more comfortable manner.

Morpheus8 has very mild side effects that go away quickly for the majority of people. Most people have a red sunburn like flush for at least the first 24 hours, but it can last up to 5 days for others. Depending on the area of the body being treated, the following side effects may occur:

  • Swelling
  • A little bruising
  • Scabbing
  • Peeling
  • A little oozing

Other side effects include hyperpigmentation, bleeding, and infection in extremely rare cases.

How many needles are in Morpheus8?

Microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) technologies are combined in the ground-breaking skin rejuvenation procedure known as Morpheus8 to treat a variety of skin issues. It makes use of a portable device that delivers regulated energy deeply into the skin to encourage the creation of collagen and enhance skin tone and texture.

There are several ultra-fine, gold-coated microneedles in the Morpheus8 device. These needles are intended to transmit RF energy to the desired locations by penetrating the skin at specific depths. Morpheus8 uses fractional technology, which means the needles concurrently emit RF energy while creating tiny microchannels in the skin, in contrast to conventional microneedling devices.

Depending on the model and setup, the Morpheus8 device may have fewer or more needles. However, the average number of microneedles in a Morpheus8 device ranges from 24 to 40. To achieve uniform coverage and the best possible treatment outcomes, these needles are placed deliberately.

As a result of the regulated heating of the deep skin layers made possible by Morpheus8’s microneedling and RF technologies, collagen remodeling and skin tightness are encouraged. The intended result and the region to be treated decide the precise number of needles to be utilized during the procedure.

Why is Morpheus8 Izmir Cheaper?

Morpheus8 is a system that rejuvenates the skin while preserving the natural appearance of the face. The skin is prepared only with a topical effective cream, without being prepared for a gown.

Even the fact that it is much lower is enough to make it useful in both transition and fabrication. Completing a surgical procedure from a single skin surface, on the other hand, is not a graceful outcome for the patient.

Many potential patients considering cosmetic surgery, including Morpheus8, are increasingly choosing to travel abroad for a variety of procedures.

Patients frequently state that they prefer to have Morpheus8 done in another country because the costs are much lower than in the United States.

Many patients put themselves at risk by electing to have Morpheus8 performed by surgeons who may not meet the same standards as in other countries, lack adequate qualifications, and lack the necessary accreditation and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Many patients from the United Kingdom choose to have Morpheus8 performed in Izmir, Turkey, because the prices are significantly lower than in the United Kingdom. As with any type of cosmetic surgery, you should not make your decision solely on price.

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