Tip Rhinoplasty in İzmir, Turkey

Izmir is one of the cheapest and best city for people who come to Turkey for tip rhinoplasty. The cost of a tip rhinoplasty in Izmir is about 1.780$ in 1.450£ which is the best option compared to other cities. Candan Mezili’s Clinic is the one of the most popular clinic for tip rhinoplasty in Izmir.

You can find out all details about the tip rhinoplasty in Izmir such as our clinic’s patients reviews, costs, before & after photos for tip rhinoplasty in Izmir, Turkey. If you want to get in touch for tip rhinoplasty packages in Turkey, contact us via Whatsapp or options below.

What is Tip Rhinoplasty?

Tip Rhinoplasty, also known as tip plasty, is a procedure that entails reshaping only the tip of both the nose. It entails reshaping the tip of the nose to create a better balance with other nose and facial features. Tip rhinoplasty aims to improve the appearance of the tip by lifting a lowered tip or changing the size or extrapolation of the tip. It could also include shrinking the nostrils. See the liposuction before and after photos above.

Most tip rhinoplasties were also comprising representatives’ rhinoplasties because the pieces a surgeon to more precisely alter the tip of your nose. Open rhinoplasty can reduce the need for future revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Tip rhinoplasties are not suitable for all patients. Because of the factors involved in creating a proportional nose for your face, it may be difficult to achieve optimal results with a tip rhinoplasty. If you have a bump, a patchy beard, or difficulty breathing, you may prefer to settle for a tip rhinoplasty because it is perceived to be a less invasive and more comfortable procedure.

The nasal cartilage can really be removed during tip plasty surgery to tweak the nose’s tip. To generate a more rounded tip, the surgeon could use cartilage cross linked from the ear or rib.

How is Tip Rhinoplasty Done?

Tip rhinoplasty is carried out the same way as traditional rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty methodology is used for the procedure. Once the nasal anatomy has been revealed, all other surgeries can be performed without breaking the bones. This technique fine-tunes nasal tip cartilages, reduces nasal tips, changes the angle between nose and the lip (tip of the nose is lifted), and corrects breathing problems.

Aside from the fact that the surgery can also be undertaken under sedation anesthesia, it is preferable to have general anesthesia. The operation takes about 45-60 minutes, and the patient can go home immediately afterward. I also perform nasal tip rhinoplasty surgeries using the unbuffered rhinoplasty technique. As a result, you will be able to breathe normally after the surgery.

Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey

What are the Risks of Type Rhinoplasty?

  • Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising of the nose, as well as around the eyes and cheeks, is very common and cannot be avoided after a rhinoplasty or sept rhinoplasty. This is especially frightening if any of your nasal tendons were broken all through surgery, as it typically results in black bed head.
  • Bleeding: Significant bleeding following rhinoplasty but rather sept rhinoplasty is unusual. However, overflowing from the nose after the internal splints are removed for a few days is common. You should try not to hit the nose or blow it too hard, as this can cause more bleeding.
  • Infection: Infections following rhinoplasty surgery are extremely uncommon. It can cause a pus-like outflow from the nose, as well as swelling and redness. It may also cause sinusitis or contagion of the nose grafts used to reshape it. Any inflammation must be treated as soon as possible because if left untreated, it can lead to further health problems.

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