Penis Thickening Surgery Reviews in İzmir, Turkey

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Penis thickness is among the genital aesthetic problems that men care about. A small penis causes a man to lose self-confidence and negatively affect his sexual life.

The most effective method to correct this condition is penis-thickening operations, which is also called penile girth enhancement.

Although men generally care more about penis length, research has shown that penis thickness is actually more important for women.

How Is Penis Thickening Done?

The penis thickening operation can be performed as part of penis enlargement surgery or alone.

Even if the Penis length is satisfactory to the patient, the lack of penis thickness leads to many psychological and sexual problems. Currently, fat injection is golden standard for penile girth enhancement.

After the fat harvested from the abdomen or groin, is filtered and purified and injected into the shaft of the penis. Alternative methods for penile thickening are also used.

The first of these is grafts. But due the excessive complications and very the long healing process associated with grafts they are hardly used today. Another method is the application of hyaluronic acid.

It should also be repeated every 1.5 years. For these reasons, the penis thickening technique with fat injection today is extremely safe and the best alternative to other methods.

Treatment Details
OperationPenis Thicken Surgery Izmir
ProcedureIt is made for penis thicken with oil injection.
Operation Time1.5 hours
Length of stay in hospital1 night
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Early Recovery Period2-3 days
Back to Work5 days
Amount of PainLight

How Much Thickness Can Be Achieved With Penis Thickening?

How much thickness can be achieved with penis thickening surgery is the most important question for people considering this operation.

How much thickness can be achieved with Penis thickening surgery varies from person to person, but an average increase in the circumference of the penile shaft 30-35% is achieved. This resulting thickness increase is permanent or long term.

One of the known misinformation about penile thickening surgery is that injected fat will be lost after 6 months and reoperation is necessary. This is absolutely a false information.

The second fat injection for penile girth enhancement is extremely rare ın our hands. The thickness obtained by fat injection is considered permanent.

About Penile Thickening Surgery

For penile thickening surgery, fat is collected from areas with excess fat. After the fat is purified, it is injected to the body of the penis. Penile thickening can be done alone or as a part of penis enlargement surgery.

During, penile thickening surgery, there are very small incisions only in places where fat is extracted, but no incision on the penis. So this is considered as a scarless operation.

After surgery, you can be discharged on the same day. The procedure is performed under general or spinal anaesthesia. Mild pain occurs in places where fat was extracted.

However, this pain can be easily controlled with simple painkillers. 2 days after surgery, you can return to work. if you are heavy worker, this time can be extended. There is no need for post-operative dressings.

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