Patient Reviews

Patient Review
Cengiz Temel: Before I met with Tevfik Candan Mezili, I had dozens of consultations with other doctors whom I did not choose to be operated. After consultation with Tevfik Candan Mezili MD I easily decided to go through the procedure.

He makes you feel very safe with his interest and energy.

There are so many things to say about TEVFİK CANDAN MEZİLİ, but above all, thank you very much.

Since I can reach you without thinking about the clock would like to thank you very much for your extreme understanding, for your smiling face, for your sincerity, because I can trust in you in every operation that I want and also you give me the look in my dreams. Thank you very much for everything and I’m glad that I recognize you.

Ayfer Temel: Hi I’m 53 years old, I’m very afraid of surgery. After meeting doctor Candan, I decided to make a radical decision for me and decided to have surgery. He changed my eyelids and face, which were showing me older than I am, so well that when I look at the mirror I see a different and younger version of myself. I would like to thank the doctor for his hard work and care.
Füsun Sönmez: Hello, I had both my breathing and aesthetic problems. And at the end of my research with afraid of the operation when I give up and I visited the surgeon Tevfik Candan Mezili. He made realistic explanations, instead of marketing tactics. I trusted in him and proceed with the surgery. Then, when I followed his advice, I returned to normal life within a few days. Now I don’t have any respiratory or aesthetic distress. I would definitely recommend.
Neslihan Eyidoğan: Miraculous surgeon. I had health problems related to my nose. He was working Farabi state hospital. There he had performed many perfect operations including mine. I am so grateful for his work.  When we were child believe in magic, when we grew up we thought it was an illusion not magic. But TEVFİK CANDAN MEZİLİ gave me a perfect look with his magic hands. Thanks to miraculous surgeon.
kumsal_06_71: I discovered him on a friend’s recommendation. Actually, I was worried about the surgery. When I went to his office and thought I would get further tighten, he took all the questions in my mind and explained how painless nose surgery will be. Anyway, the operation happened, I didn’t really feel the pain. Besides, he was very caring in the controls after the operation. I think you deserve the money I gave you until the last penny. God bless your hands.
Nur Senergin: Miraculous surgeon certainly.  Mr. Prof. Mehmet Uğur Neşşar removed my breast tissue; Op.Dr.Candan MEZILI did breast reconstruction with prothesis.  I woke up comfortably thanks to the magnificent anesthesia team of Hospital from my surgery. I continued to repeat during recovery, that I made a very correct decision to trust my doctors. I am especially grateful to Dr. Candan for his careful, meticulous, and sincere approach. Thank you again Doctor Candan.
Remzi Takeş: Hello;

In March 2014, I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy (Bariatric Surgery) surgery. I went to my ideal weight, taking care of my regular sports and nutrition habits, but there was always a lot in my belly area. By the way, I’m a very scared man. Previously thinking about image anxiety as the time passed with the sportive activities, area of ​​my belly began to sag. I also stared to live medical problems in that region (rashes, infections etc.)

While I was experiencing these conditions, I was still the one who was afraid of surgery and it was my last choice to think of a tummy tuck. When I shared a conversation with my colleague, he gave me great support for the operation, and from that time on, our paths crossed with doctor Candan.


In my first meeting with him, I had hundreds of crazy questions in my mind, but the biggest one was: Am I exaggerating the problem, is it worth to have a surgery. We had a long conservation with doctor Candan, he asked me what I wanted. He listened patiently and gave very realistic answers to my concerns and fears.

I went into the process of thinking again and in this process, I realized for the first time in my life I was not overweight and the shape of my belly should not be like this. With the support of my family, i decided to have the surgery.

Our second interview was about talking about the pre-operative and post-operative processes. And now everything was getting clear in my head. We made a common decision for the operation date. My date was 16 December 2016.

Before the operation, I did everything that doctor advised. December 16 I was very energetic in the hospital and went to the operating room happily. Everybody in my family was surprised. I was happy because I believed and trusted my doctor.

I opened my eyes and I was awake, it had to be over. I was afraid to look at my belly, but when I looked at it, I had a flat tummy even with post-operative edema. I got rid of all the excess skin and fat of my waist region and abdomen so it was all around the circumference of my lower torso. At the same time I had rectus plication.

I had a very comfortable recovery with the help of medical stuff and nurses who were very professional.

Before the operation I had read a lot about the procedure and may be looked thousands of before and after pictures in the Internet. This process has always been a comparison. Some of the pictures had untidy incisions, and some had poorly sutured in staple style. But my operation made me look flat and flawless, even though I had my entire waist circumference (lower body lift). I had a result far beyond than what I had anticipated. And yet for 3 months my controls continue very regular and uneventful.

For the first time in my life, I am writing a review about a doctor and I thought it would be unfair if I did not write this comment. Thanks to Doctor Candan MEZILI’s humanistic approach, reassuring knowledge and skills now I look way better than I wished.