Recovery After Arm Lift

Recovery After Arm Lift

The recovery period after surgery is of great importance. Because the success rate of the surgery is revealed. Your stitches will be bandaged after an arm lift. To reduce swelling, your arms will be loosely tied in elastic bandages. Small tubes may be inserted into your arms to drain excess blood or fluid.

After your arm lift, you should see someone from one’s plastic surgery team within a day or two. He or she may eliminate your bandages and, if applicable, drainage tube. Some plastic surgeons may recommend that you wear a typically performed for a few weeks to reduce swelling.

Immediately Following An Arm Lift:

  • For three to four weeks, avoid lifting someone arms above shoulder level.
  • For four to eight weeks after surgery, avoid physical and athletic exercises with your arms that may stretch the incisions.
  • To prevent wound infections, take pain killers as needed and use topical or oral antibiotics as directed. 
  • Discuss with your doctor when — but if — your stitches will indeed be removed. Some stitches fall out on their own. Others could be removed in the weeks following the procedure at the doctor’s office.

If you have any of the following symptoms after an arm lift, notify your doctor right away:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest discomfort
  • An unsteady heartbeat
  • Skin irritation and fever

Recovery Days

  • 1-3 Days After Arm Lift Surgery – The majority of patients experience moderate pain in the first few days following their Arm Lift surgery, which can be managed with prescription including over medication. Expect your arms to be bandaged and wrapped since surgery, which will limit your range of motion and the movements you can perform. When your arms are moving, you may feel more pain and pressure near your incisions. Your arm muscles may also be sore, and you may notice bruising and swelling. During the first few days following your Arm Lift surgery, you will require some extra assistance with daily activities around the house. Lean on family and friends for support and arrange for someone to stay with you the first evening you return home. You’ll want to have some comfortable, loose button-up shirts on hand because you won’t want to reach over your head to pull on a shirt.
  • 1 Week Following Arm Lift Surgery – Although pain, swelling, and bruising will be significantly reduced one week after surgery, expect all of these symptoms to last for up to a month. After the first week, many patients switch to over the counter pain relievers, and many find that they no longer require any at all. 
  • Any drainage tubes (if used), seams, and bandages are typically removed 10 days after arm lift surgery. Although your range of motion and grip mobility may have increased, it is still critical that you follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions when lifting heavy objects and stretching your arms. By this time, most patients have returned to work and resumed normal household activities. Compression garments are advised to help with the healing process. 
  • 2 Weeks After Arm Lift Surgery – We usually start scar therapy treatment two weeks after surgery. This could include silicone-based tape and/or scar creams.
  • 1 Month Following Arm Lift Surgery – Any swelling and internal bleeding from your surgery should be mostly gone 4-6 weeks later. Your surgeon may also inform you that you no longer need to wear upper arm compression garments. Many patients have been cleared to resume their healthy routine, begin lifting heavier objects, and participate in sports such as tennis and golf. Any scar-reduction treatment will be continued for four to six months after Arm Lift surgery.

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