Recovery After Face Lift

Recovery After Face Lift

A face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, can help combat the signs of aging in the face and neck. People who have wrinkles, jowls, or sagging skin often choose this procedure to achieve a rather more youthful, natural appearance.

If you are considering a face lift, it is critical to understand not only the surgical procedure but also the post operative protocol. Although it may take several months to see the final results of a revamp, the recovery period is much shorter.

Recovery times are difficult to predict because they are affected by a variety of factors like age, health status, and procedure type.

Knowing what to expect and going to follow your surgeon’s preoperative care instructions, on the other hand, will make a significant difference in the outcome of your facelift. A 30 day face lift recovery guide is provided below so you know what is coming during a typical recovery period.

Week 1 of Face Lift Recovery

To prevent infection, you must follow post operative puncture care and keep them clean during this time.

Day 1: You may feel unreliable and sleepy following surgery. You should have arranged for family and friends to drive visitor home and look after you on your first night back. Day one is generally when you need pain medication the most to stay comfortable. 

Day 2: A follow up visit with your surgeon will be scheduled around this time. They will assess your incisions and swelling and remove or change your surgical dressings. If everything appears to be normal, the specialist will re dress the wound, review post operative care, and send you on your way.

Day 3. Rest is advised for today, but you should begin to feel better and want to move around. Bruising and swelling usually peak between days 3 and 4, but both will most likely last for several weeks. Continue to take your medication if you are in pain.

Days 4-6. Most people no longer require prescription pain medication at this point. The swelling should begin to subside. You should also begin to feel more at ease moving around. If you feel well enough, you may be able to do some light housework.

Week 2 of Face Lift Recovery

Days 7-14. You will most likely have some swelling and inflammation around the affected areas for the next week. Swelling and bruising can also cause numbness, tingling, and tightness in some people. These are all common side effects of a face lift and should not be cause for concern.

Many people are feeling like themselves by the end of the second week after surgery and are ready to return to work and begin conducting light activities like walking.

Weeks 3 and 4 of Face Lift Recovery

Days 15-30. Suture removal can take place anywhere between the end of week one and week three, depending on the procedure and your healing process. You may still have some residual bloating and tightness in weeks 3 and 4, but you will look and feel much better.

Patients frequently notice significant improvements in their facial contour at this point. By this point, you should be able to resume exercising and worth highlighting without anyone noticing any visible signs of your procedure. The incision sites will be pinkish red in colour, but this will fade over time.

What to Anticipate After Day 30

After one month, you should be able to resume regular activities and enjoy life with your new appearance. Very minor swelling, bruising, tightness, and numbness can last up to a year, but they are usually only noticeable to you.

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